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SIU CAI Ayla AmadioAyla Amadio, M.A.

Researcher II


Ayla specializes in fieldwork, zooarchaeology, Midwest prehistoric, and historic archaeology. She has worked on various survey projects throughout the United States.  Ayla is the co-field director, and is responsible for artifact analysis, data digitization, and report preparation for contract projects. Her research interests include: faunal analysis, lithic analysis, craft production, social complexity, household archaeology, ritual practice, food production, and historic land use.

Krista Daniels Researcher 1 SIUKrista Daniel

Researcher I

Krista is a Researcher I with the CAI. Krista spent her early career expanding her knowledge of fieldwork processes and laboratory techniques. She has done archaeological surveys throughout the Midwest. She now works at the curation facility where her experience lies in rehabilitating collections in the Southern Illinois and the Southwestern United States regions. Her interest lie in lithic and ceramic analyses, funerary customs of ancient and modern people,s and the relationship between language and culture.

SIU CAI Ryan Campbell

Ryan Campbell, PhD

Researcher III


Ryan specializes in the bioarchaeology and archaeology of the Midwestern United States. He is the co-field director for all contract and grant funded archaeology projects at the CAI. Ryan’s research includes documentation and analysis of prehistoric and historic settlements throughout Illinois and surrounding regions. His primary research focus centers on cultural changes among protohistoric Native American groups living in the Missouri River Basin.