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Other Publications include volumes on the prehistory of the American Southwest, Illinois prehistory and history, and general archaeology. There have been 6 Other Publications published to date. Out-of-print volumes are designated by an asterisk (*) after the title.

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Archaeological investigations rose hotel cover 06. Archaeological Investigations at the Rose Hotel (11Hn-116), Hardin County, Illinois

Mark J. Wagner and Brian M. Butler, 1999

(xi + 575 pages, 96 figures, 109 tables)

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This technical report details the investigation of both the Euro-American (ca. 1835-1970) and prehistoric archaeological deposits at the Rose Hotel on the Ohio River. Archaic and Early Woodland occupations, as well as a major Middle Woodland component, are described. The history, construction sequence, and artifacts of the Rose Hotel are also presented.

cover photo05. The Prehistoric Peoples of Southern Illinois*

James S. Penny, Jr., 1986

(ix + 70 pages, 4 plates, 13 figures. ISBN 0-88104-062-2)

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Written for a lay audience, this volume promotes an awareness of southern Illinois archaeology. The author discusses the value and purpose of archaeology, the prehistoric landscape, and the lives of prehistoric peoples. The volume also includes a chapter on educational resources and a list of sites to visit.

Study of archaeology cover 04. A Study of Archaeology

Walter W.Taylor, 1983 edition, with a new foreword by Patty Jo Watson

(xvi + 263 pages. ISBN 0-88104-009-6)

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A reprint of Taylor’s 1943 classic work offers a critique of American archaeology and outlines the author’s conjunctive approach. In a new foreword, Patty Jo Watson examines Taylor’s contributions to the development of American archaeology.

Adaptive strategies cover 03. Adaptive Strategies in a Biological and Cultural Transition Zone: The Central Arizona Ecotone Project. An Interim Report*

George J. Gumerman, Carol S. Weed, and John Hanson, 1976

(vii + 131 pages)

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Effects of the heterogeneous environment on subsistence strategies and social implications of hilltop “defensive” sites receive special attention in this report of survey and excavation in the Central Arizona ecotone, 40-60 miles north of Phoenix.

Archaeological investigations cover 02. Archaeological Investigations on Black Mesa: 1969-1970 Seasons

George J. Gumerman, Deborah Westfall, and Carol S. Weed, 1972

(xix + 250 pages, Prescott College Studies in Anthropology No. 4)

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Description of survey and excavation with explanation of the Black Mesa chronology and an analytical article concerning the social implications of the settlement patterns.

cover photo 01. Black Mesa: Survey and Excavation in Northeastern Arizona, 1968*

George J. Gumerman, 1970

(xv + 127 pages, Prescott College Studies in Anthropology No. 2)

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This first descriptive report of the Black Mesa Archaeological Project discusses survey and the excavation of six sites and presents an overview of the culture history of the region.