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Visiting Scholar Program

The Visiting Scholar in Archaeology Program is currently on hiatus. When active, the program supported motivated scholars to organize and conduct the annual Visiting Scholar Conference. Each conference resulted in an edited volume of selected papers that the Visiting Scholar assembled and edited while in residence at SIU Carbondale. Conference proceedings were published through CAI’s Occasional Papers series. The Visiting Scholar also pursued his/her own research during the period of the award, taught one seminar in his/her specialty, and interacted productively with colleagues and students in the CAI and the Department of Anthropology.

Past Visiting Scholar Conferences include the following titles:

2013 ~ Beyond Collapse: Archaeological Perspectives on Resilience, Revitalization, and Reorganization in Complex Societies • Ronald "Sonny" Faulseit
2012 ~ The Archaeology of Slavery: Toward a Comparative, Global Framework • Lydia Wilson Marshall
2010 ~ Making Senses of the Past: Toward a Sensory Archaeology • Jo Day
2009 ~ Hybrid Material Culture: The Archaeology of Syncretism and Ethnogenesis • Jeb J. Card 
2008 ~ Human Variation in the New World: A Meeting of Archaeology • Benjamin M. Auerbach (publication details)
2007 ~ Anthropogenic Environments: The Cultural Modification of Landscapes and Ecological
Systems • Rebecca Dean (publication details)
2006 ~ Religion in the Material World: A Conference on the Archaeology of Religion • Lars Fogelin (publication details)
2005 ~ The Durable House: Architecture, Ancestors, and Origins • Robin A. Beck (publication details)
2004 ~ We Are What We Eat: Archaeology, Food, and Identity • Katheryn Twiss (publication details)
2003 ~ Leadership and Polity in Mississippian Society • Brian Butler and Paul Welch (publication details)
2002 ~ Biomolecular Archaeology: Genetic Approaches to the Past • David Reed (publication details)
2001 ~ Hunters and Gatherers in Theory and Archaeology • George M. Crothers (publication details)
2000 ~ The Dynamics of Power • Maria O’Donovan (publication details)
1999 ~ Archeometry • Prudence Rice
1998 ~ Fleeting Identities: Perishables • Penelope Drooker
1997 ~ Hierarchies in Action • Michael Diehl
1996 ~ Material Symbols: Culture and Economy in Prehistory • John Robb
1995 ~ Studies in Culture Contact: Interaction, Culture Change and Archaeology • James Cusick
1994 ~ Archaeological Demography • Rick Paine
1993 ~ Geographic Information Systems • Herb Maschner
1992 ~ Paleonutrition • Kristin Sobolik
1991 ~ From Bones to Behavior • Jean Hudson
1990 ~ The Future of the Past • LuAnn Wandsnider
1989 ~ New Directions in Archaeology • Robert Preucel
1988 ~ Between Bands and States • Susan Gregg
1987 ~ The Historiography of Archaeology • Andrew L. Christenson
1986 ~ Emergent Horticultural Economics • William Keegan
1985 ~ Eastern Archaic Subsistence Systems • Sarah Neusius
1984 ~ Lithic Resource Procurement • Susan Vehik