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Charles Cobb

Research Associate/Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of South Carolina


Education: Ph.D. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1988

Archaeology, political economy, colonialism, lithic analysis; southeastern North America.

Michael Hargrave

Archaeologist, Project Manager, Engineer Research and Development Center, Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

Phone: (217) 373-5858

Education: Ph.D. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1991

Archaeology, prehistory of the eastern United States, cultural resource management on military installations, remote sensing, site monitoring, site formation processes and military impacts.

Richard A. Kuenneke

Media Producer

Phone: (618) 967-6428

Media Producer specializing in historic content development through video, still photography, graphics and 3D animation.

Nathan J. Meissner

Research Associate

Education: Ph.D. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2014

Nathan Meissner's Website

Economic anthropology, lithic technology, long-distance exchange, social network analysis, factionalism, and rising social complexity.

Kathryn Parker

Kayeleigh Sharp

Archaeologist and Research Associate


Education: M.A. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2009; ABD SIU, Present

GIS and Spatial Analysis; Special Projects: southern Illinois rock art and prehistoric landscapes, Educating with Evidence curriculum developer, PIAZ project director, Central Andes.

Izumi Shimada

Research Associate/Distinguished Professor of Anthropology

Phone: (618) 453-5023

Education: Ph.D. Arizona, 1976

Izumi Shimada's Profile Page

Archaeology, complex societies, technology and craft production, urban and ceremonial centers, experimental archaeology; Andes. 

Andrew VanCleve

Archaeological Field Technician and Research Associate


Education: B.A. Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 2017

Recent SIU graduate, CAI field crew member, site evaluation, lab analysis, collections research and rehabilitation.