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Brian Butler

Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, Emeritus

Brian Butler

Phone: (618)-453-4527
Fax: (618)-453-8467
Email: bbutler@siu.edu

Research Interests I am an archaeologist with wide-ranging research interests in eastern North America. I am particularly concerned with the development of early horticultural societies and the subsequent “chiefdom” level Mississippian polities. I also ...read full profile >>

George Gumerman

Past Director/Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Anthropology

Education: PhD Arizona 1968; Archaeology, archaeological cooperatives, paleoenvironmental reconstructions, conservation archaeology; southwestern North America, Micronesia. (No longer in residence)

Don Rice

Past Director/Emeritus Professor of Anthropology

Email: drice@siu.edu

Dr. Don Rice’s research has focused primarily on demographic history, human use of and impact upon tropical environments, modeling of future land use in the tropics, and culture change and ethnogenesis.  He has directed grant-funded, multi-disciplinary ...read full profile >>